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Weight A Minute Wellness company is an integrative wellness institution that offers healthy lifestyle intervention programs, products and services to help individual achieve personal and professional wellbeing.

There is a connection between weight loss and healthy lifestyle that only few people make. It’s profound knowledge and the minute you understand it, you can apply it to make immediate increases in the quality of your life.
At WEIGHT A MINUTE we help you make that connection!


Transforming lives beyond weightloss.

Weight A Minute is about helping people lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way by helping them adapt to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier relationship with food and activity.


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  • "I heard about TLC through a colleague that lost weight & kept it off on their plan. The high point for me was the fact that it is not a diet, a quick fix. I signed on and to my amazement, I lost 4kg in one week only by changing my thoughts and picking up healthy habits.I recommend TLC to anyone that wants to lose weight." Precious O. ORACLE
    Precious O. ORACLE
  • Although I am not on the big side, I came on the plan because I knew I had difficulty making the connection between living healthy in an unhealthy world. I decided to attend TLC and for the first time ever I went on the 30 Day Food and fitness challenge and I felt lighter, a sense of clarity, and energized like never before. Victor O. Consultant
    Victor O. Consultant
  • "TLC is an experience of a life time. I was almost giving up on losing weight when I heard of TLC. What interests me is the difference in their approach, I make healthy choices easily & I dropped a whopping 10kg in 1mth following the action plans. I dropped 3 dress sizes in 2months. I am a brand new person & I am loving me all over again."
  • My weight was standing in my way of success & I knew I had to do something about if fast. In just 1week, I dropped 4kg, I have a new reason to live again. By the end of the course I dropped 2dress sizes & I became comfortable. My transformation caught everybodys attention that my org. signed on to the corporate wellness package of Weight A Minute.Doyin O. HR Manger


AOur Programs

Our programs entails wellness package for Kids & Teens, Individuals, Families, and Corporate Bodies.
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BWhy Weight A Minute Works!

Every Weight A Minute Weight loss program starts with;
i. Finding your metabolic profile and body composition analysis.
ii. Using Behavioural Modification Approach(inside –out approach) Read More

CWhat We Do

At Weight A Minute, We;

i. Coach
ii. Support
iii. Motivate

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