Talent Engagement Masterclass

…Unlocking employee potential to drive high performance

In today’s VUCA ( volatile, uncertain, competitive and ambigous) business world, the talent engagement has emerged as the single most important element of sustainable differentiation.
Talent leaderscannot change global work trends or today’s economic reality, but they can change their team’s strategy to respond to those trends and position company to gear up for growth.
Therefore, the most important task for business leaders in stepping up to the challenge of this VUCA environment is to hone their talent management skills to close the vast gulf between the potential and realized talent and energy of the people they lead to access and harness the tremendous growth opportunities that the future workplace holds.

Talent Engagement

Module 1
Talent Engagement powered byLeadership
Employee engagement is a leadership commitment. Leaders set the tone for engagement at the workplace.
A good leader values employee happiness. A great leader values the employee engagement that results from that happiness.
During this module, participants will gain insight into;

  • The role of leadership style in employee engagement
  • What drives engagement and why it matters?
  • The leadership practices that will dramatically increase engagement

Module 2
Communicating for Engagement in a VUCA business world
In the midst of layoffs, pay freezes, andbenefit cuts, it may be tempting to institute radio silence when it comes to employee communication. After all, if there is no good news to talk about why talk about anything?Stop and think again
During times of uncertainty, silence can harm your employee engagement, making it difficult to keep the top talent you will need to climb out of the downturn.
A study cited in Harvard Business Review said that even a small layoff shocks and demoralizes survivors so much that many walk out of the door at the first opportunity, raising voluntary quit rates an average 31 percent above previous levels.
Continuing to communicate will help keep engaged employees engaged in their work so they stick with you for the long term.
In tough times, people need re assurance, information and context.
During this module, participants will gain insight into;

  • Bridging the engagement gap through effective communication
  • Communication Dynamics that affect performance         

Module 3
Negotiation with emotional intelligence
Employee engagement is an emotional connection to the job and a thinking connection to the beliefs in the goals, purpose and mission of that job.
Being an effective manager, a high performance team member or a skilled negotiator requires attunement to one’s own emotions and the ability to relate affirmatively to the emotions of others.
During this module, participants will gain insight into;

  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Negotiating for Win Win outcomes at the workplace
  • Understand how emotions affect performance
  • Strategies on how to lose a battle to win a war

Module 4
Optimizing employee engagement and conflict management
In a healthy workplace, there will be conflicts, effectively managing conflicts will mean that conflict is constructive not destructive.
During this module, participants will gain insight into;

  • Dealing with difficult people & situations
  • Addressing conflict using the tool of employee engagement
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

Lead Faculty-Lere Baale, Director, Business School Netherlands,(BSN).

What to Expect:
At the training, business leaders will gain insight into;

  • The theory and practice of employee engagement and talent management
  • The Rules of engagement
  • Building High Performance Team Through Talent Engagement
  • How organizations can develop a culture of innovation
  • Becoming an engaged leader
  • Negotiating for Win-Win outcomes
  • Building a game changing talent strategy
  • Implementing an effective talent management strategy

Who Should Attend

  • HR Executives
  • Talent Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Sales Consultants
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Entrepreneurs

Date:     Wednesday 23rd March, 2016
Thursday 24thth March, 2016
Venue:  Oriental Hotel, VI, Lagos
Time:     10am to 4pm.
Course Fee:N100, 000 per participant

For enquiries and registration, please call Olamide on 09085025141

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